How to be home loan ready

Lending policy and legislation has become significantly stricter since 2010 making loans harder to get, particularly at the lowest interest rate.

Lenders will:

  • require a declaration of your personal living expenses and often compare the result with your transaction account and credit card statements.
  • Review your credit history using a report that lists whether payments are made on time.

To give you the best chance of obtaining a quick time to YES, for the lender you want to use, we suggest: that you

  • Complete a budget that includes your current personal expenses and review it regularly.
  • Eliminate expenses as much as possible – payment fees, ATM fees, services no longer used; streamline subscriptions such as Netflix, etc.
  • Regularly review insurances, energy and mobile phone plans given they are usually larger expenses.
  • Streamline transaction accounts and credit cards.
  • Make your payments by the due date.
  • Obtain a credit report from Equifax or other credit bureaus. You are entitled to one free report per year which can identify credit cards not closed and in some cases identity theft.

Pre-approval – The way to go if you are purchasing!

Obtaining a pre-approval lets you shop with confidence as it provides a great guide to what you can spend in the market and importantly the loan amount that you can afford.

A pre-approval can also save you time and stress when you find the right property as the lender usually only needs to obtain a valuation on the property rather than assess the full loan application. This shorter time period can greatly assist you with exchanging contracts earlier and not missing out on your dream property.

Pre-approvals are suitable for:

  • all home buyers whether it be your first home or you are trading up;
  • investors;
  • construction loans.
Home Loans

Whether you are purchasing or refinancing, our expertise and access to a diverse panel of lenders enables us to help you find the home or investment loan solution to suit your needs and objectives.

Other typical loans sought for purchasing residential properties:

First home buyers, or next home buyers……..

Obtaining a home loan to purchase your first or subsequent home is one of the biggest events in your life. So it’s important to get the right loan.

We will discuss all of your needs with you, refine a list of loan features that are important to you; and seek out the best lender and loan options that meets your needs.

Having trouble obtaining a loan or have not saved the required deposit? Options are available to enable you to complete the purchase if you:

  • are self employed and may not have the required financial information;
  • do not have the required deposit (usually 20% of purchase price plus costs);
  • have current or previous defaults or arrears.
Investment Loans

Investment loans, take the great Australian Dream a step further!

Purchasing or constructing an investment property; whether it be a weekender, or a income earning house, duplex or unit; is a common method used by Australians to build their wealth.

As your Mortgage Broker, my aim is to assist you in ensuring your investment goals become a reality. I can work together with your accountant or financial adviser to ensure that your investment portfolio is the is structured in the most effective way. Ultimately this will maximise your return on investment!

Loans can be structured to maximise the benefits including options such as:

  • Interest only repayments
  • Interest only in advance
  • a flexible line of credit arrangement that lets you manage the finance.
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