Business Loans

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business. At times, circumstances can cause your cashflow to be below what you need to grow or meet your commitments.

Lack of cash can be caused by sales growth, slower than expected debtor collections, peak sales periods with higher stock requirements or all three. If you have exhausted your bank manager’s ability to assist, unsecured short term finance options at reasonable rates are available. Our finance partner offers flexible, quick and easy to access finance solutions that can produce time to cash in 48 hours for most applicants. If you need help, talk to us now. Ideally, we find it is best to with you and your Accountant. If you don’t have an Accountant, we can refer you to one (there is no fee or referral payment involved).

Financing your business needs can be time consuming and frustrating, particularly if:

  • you do not have the time to research and locate the best solution;
  • you are having difficulty communicating with your business lender, and/ or
  • you are unhappy with the current service or is there no service at all.

Y.I. offers over 20 years experience in business lending that can be applied to your situation to:

  • provide an independent opinion on your current business finance solution;
  • look at ways to improve your debt management, streamline your cash flow and maximise your working capital.

Assistance can be provided to:

  • acquire a business or expand an existing operation;
  • purchase or construct property for investment or owner occupation;
  • structure your working capital facilities to offer greater flexibility;
  • assist you to finance certain insurance premiums or update/expand your motor vehicles or other business equipment through a range of lenders;

We recognise that you are busy and will call on you at your business premises or residence to discuss your requirements and identify whether we can assist you. At times a consultancy arrangement may be required and if this is the case the details and costs will be discussed with you upfront.

Take the stress out of obtaining or restructuring your business loan. Contact us now for a free discussion.

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