Mortgage calculators

Get a clearer picture of your financial situation at the click of a button with the use of these finance calculators. Calculate your loan repayments, compare loans, work out your borrowing power and more.

  • Borrowing Power Calculator
    Get an instant estimate of how much you can borrow for your home loan with this Borrowing Power Calculator. Then call us to match your situation with a suitable lender.
  • Repayment Calculator
    Calculate how much your home loan repayments will be by comparing options such as fortnightly rather than monthly repayments, different interest rates and length of loan.
  • Extra loan repayment calculator
    Find out the impact that extra repayments has on the loan term and and interest saved.
  • Budget Planner
    We recommend all of our clients utilize a budgeting tool to understand their finances. This comprehensive tool allows you to effectively manage your finances. Save the document as an excel spreadsheet to update when your situation changes.
  • Stamp Duty Calculator
    Check stamp duty fees and government charges applicable to your state.
  • Loan Comparison Calculator
    Compare the repayment and costs for two loan types. Use the calculator to check the benefit of refinancing your loan – our post about refinancing will provide some tips.
  • Leasing Calculator
    Estimate the repayment for a motor vehicle or equipment lease.
  • Savings Calculator
    Find out how much you need to save periodically for your next big purchase.
  • Property Buying and Selling Costs
    Contact us for an obligation free discussion as there are always variables which you may not have thought of, including First Home Buyer Benefits .
  • Contact us today to discuss your financial situation and borrowing capacity.

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